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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> arthel: hello, i'm arrest they will novel. welcome. >> eric: i'm eric shaun. topping the news at this hour, the final push to election day, check in with the presidential candidates as they prep for the second of three debates. thousand they're using the vice presidential debates to kick start their campaigns. >> arthel: two national experts slamming have the vice president for slammi the state department for what they see is the president obama's inconsistent response to the
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attacks. >> eric: and live to afghanistan to check in with colonel oliver north. he's on a special training mission. you won't want to miss. that is underway right now. >> arthel: first, governor romney gearing up his second showdown debate with president obama, just moments ago, the governor wrapping up a spirited campaign rally in the battle ground state of ohio after spending much of the morning preparing for that debate. we have live team coverage of the candidates' final sprint to election day. ed henry is traveling with the president in williamsburg, ridge verge. we'll go first to carl cameron who is traveling with mitt romney in lebanon, ohio. hey, carl. >> hi. a huge crowd here. governor romney wrapped up his event. we're right in the middle of opportunity to debt non, historic part of the community. thousands of people in the street. you can't see him hitting -- you can see him hitting his stride,
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seeing polls surge. over the course of today, this is his third event. today both he and his running mate, paul ryan, in the buckeye state, separately campaigning, have been hitting the obama administration for china policies, specifically arguing that the president of the united states has not done enough to protect the u.s. economy from china's alleged currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. at each event today, mitt romney and paul ryan have been trying to thump mr. obama for his absence of leadership on this, they say. here is a sampling from earlier today at mr. romney's convenient in portsmouth, ohio. >> over the past several years, the president failed to call china a currency manipulator. he had the occasion on friday to come out with that official designation. you know what they said? we're not going to make any determination until after the election. let me tell you, on day one of my administration, i will label china a currency manipulator.
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>> here in ohio, that is a particularly potent attack because the manufacturing base had taken such a hit over the past few years, both in the obama economy and before. paul ryan was campaigning today in youngtown, ohio. he made the point that mr. obama has had a number of chances to take steps to crack down on china and passed on them. watch. >> the administration had their eighth chance to label china a currency manipulator. it's due in two days. they say they're going to push this deadline off until after the election. that's eight opportunities they had to say you know what? play fair with us. you know, trade with us fairly. we've lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, according to one study, because of just this problem. >> well, the obama administration argued that labeling china a currency manipulator and trying to really pressure it aggressively to change its trade practices could
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spark a train wash -- trade war. the romney-ryan ticket argues that's just another excuse for inaction and that's been a big, big part of the problem. arrest they will. >> arthel: that music sounds good behind you. kind of drowning you out, but i still heard you. who is that? just curious. >> they have a whole series of play list that they put forward. most of it's country, but here in ohio, as well as in the upper ohio river valley, we often hear a lot of detroit sound, kid rock, the supremes, all about michigan where romney has been trailing in the polls, with country, particularly in the southern part of ohio, where there is a much more conservative electorate where romney is looking for a big, big turnout. early voting has begun here in ohio. and all in these events they're encouraging people to go direct from their rallies and cast their ballots. this is a very critical state for the romney campaign. they're pleased with the way polls are going. they say they're going to win here. the political reality may be they have to win here if he
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hopes to end up in the white house. >> arthel: all right. carl cameron, all the music sounds good to me. thank you. it's indeed a critical state. eric? >> eric: president obama's day now, he's taking some time off from the campaign trail, spending a few days to prepare for the much anticipated secretary debate that will occur on long island new york this tuesday night. ed henry is with the president in williamsburg. hey, ed. >> great to see you. the president obviously did not pick virginia by accident to do this debate prep. last time it was nevada, battle ground state. this time virginia. one of the states that he and mitt romney desperately want. you get in the local media market, a little attention, try to turn out the vote. he's staying in a beautiful resort, king mill resort on the james river. golf course, all the luxuries of a resort. we're not expecting the president to enjoy very much of this great weather out here. he'll be behind closed doors for a good chunk of this, trying to improve that last performance in denver which even the president's own advisors
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privately admit just didn't get the job done. we know one new element, which is while john kerry is playing mitt romney in these private session, the president has added ben roads, one of his national security aides travel not guilty virginia because this town hall format will be about both domestic and foreign policy. so he's got it get ready for questions about libya, for example. something that tripped up the vice president a little bit in that debate thursday. by and large, vice president biden got higher marks than the president did for showing passion and really stepping up against paul ryan. take a listen to how jay carney yesterday described the vice president's performance. >> i took extreme pleasure in watching the debate last night because of the way that he demonstrated his passion and his wisdom and the joy that he brings to the job of serving the american people as vice president and of working with this president to bring about positive change for the middle
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class and for this country. >> that was significant is jay carney laying out how much joy vice president biden brings to his job, the passion, et cetera. something democrats said was missing in the president's performance when he seemed detached in denver. the president will be going to bill clinton, he'll be in the battle ground of ohio on thursday, a couple days after the debate with bruce springstein who is also going to be after that, in iowa having a concert for the president. so talking to carl cameron about how mitt romney and his folks are grooving to some country music stars, the president and his folks, they took a little bit more toward bruce springstein. he's been out there for the president. they'll use him again to turn out his side. a little more rock. >> eric: the boss and the commander in chief together. ed, before you go, it will be a different format on tuesday, kind of that town hall. any sense on how they're trying to get the president to step up
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his game so he avoids what happened the last time? >> i talked to some of the president's senior advisors. they know this is a balancing act. while they want to see the president show more passion, really go after mitt romney on bain capital and other issues which he didn't do the first time around, you're right. he's got to be careful in a town hall format where you don't just have a moderator, but you'll get questions from real voters. some of those will be undecided. and if you look like you're too aggressive, too negative, that could blow up in your face. it's a very delicate balancing act. >> eric: all right, ed. thank you so much. the next presidential debate, three days away. of course, fox news as always will bring you all the action live in long island, new york. our full govern begins at 8:55 eastern time this coming tuesday night. >> arthel: they are protecting our freedom far from home.
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but is enough being done to forget their votes? romney campaign is filing a lawsuit to make sure wisconsin's military ballots are counted. after several municipalities missed the deadline to send them out. peter doocy has the latest. >> the romney campaign is suing wisconsin because they say it's not fair that state didn't send ballots to dozens of americans living overseas, including military personnel. at least 45 days before the election, like they're supposed to. team romney claims they're out to defend those focus' voting rights, alleging, quote, because members of the military are often stationed in remote, dangerous front line locations, there is a substantial likelihood that the defendants' violation of law will prevent military voters from receiving, completing and returning their ballots in time to have them counted. that is not sitting well with republicans in madison. >> it's unacceptable that our military men and women who allow us to sleep peacefully with our
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little kids at home, at night might be denied the opportunity to choose their next commander in chief. >> the government accountability board in wisconsin says the problem is isolated and they've done their best to fix it. >> we had 26 of our 1851 local clerks who missed the deadline. we have a number of redoundancies built in, so we know all of the voters got their ballots in a timely manner to mark them and get them back so they will be counted. >> electronic transmission helped get them out quickly. so they say the responsibility rests with voters to get their ballots sent in on time. as for the romney campaign, they are eyeing similar suits elsewhere with the spokesman saying, quote, nothing imminent, but we are monitoring other states. all this breaking with 24 days to go in a very tight race. arthel. >> arthel: peter doocy, thanks. heading overseas. a training program underway in
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afghanistan. nato special forces tasked with preparing some of the country's top police officers. ahead of the 2014 handover and to ward off against so-called green on blue attacks. fox news senior military analyst, lieutenant colonel oliver north, is streaming live from afghanistan. >> arthel, nato commanders say the recent green on blue attacks failed to drive a wedge between u.s. and afghan troops before coming here in hellman province of province. we went to the special police training center to see for ourselves. these are afghan special police at the noah training center. they're hand picked police officers, sent here for advanced training to master skills necessary to protect the afghan people from the taliban.
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strapping here is conducted by nato special operators and experienced american law officers. this year, 600 graduates will return to their units proficient in hand to hand combat, live fire qualification on every weapon in their arsenal, patrolling, live fire close quarter battle, which one mentor called fish, fight not guilty someone's house. -- fighting in someone's house. the goal? afghan police forces around the country that are confident, committed and capable of standing on their own. we're now a third battalion base in hellman province, once one of the bloodiest places on the planet. their task has been made more difficult and dangerous by all
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the dates certain and exit strategy talk from washington. but the soldiers, sailor, marines and others here are getting the job done and they can all come home knowing that they've made this a safer police. arthel, back to you. >> arthel: indeed. colonel north, thank you very much for that informative report >> eric: maybe a saturday, but not a quiet weekend for some. we're watching a powerful storm system in the middle of our country. parts of texas and oklahoma, now under a tornado watch. mary molina has the very latest. what are they look out for? >> we are looking out at widespread area that's dealing with showers and storms, all associated with the strong cold front that had cooler air behind it and that cooler air interacting with the warm air ahead of it is really what's helping fire up the strong storms, stretching from parts of texas, into portions of the great lakes. again, very large area dealing with precipitation from the storm system.
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unfortunately, though, some of that precipitation is coming in the form of severe weather with some severe storms already fired up across portions of kansas, in through oklahoma and texas. we do also have a number of tornado warnings to tell but where we could currently is a tornado on the ground. one of those counties is in kansas, barton county. you're your honor a tornado warning until 30 past the hour local time. also portions of northern texas, clay, archer and wichita county, again in northern texas, you are currently under a tornado warning until 30 past the hour. there could be a tornado on the ground. if you live in any of these counties, seek shelter immediately. a tornado watch also in effect across portions of oklahoma and northern parts of the state of texas. this goes until 9:00 p.m. local time. this doesn't mean there is a tornado on the ground. it means conditions are favorable for storms it continue to develop and possibly produce more tornadoes. stay alert. if any warnings get issued, that's when you got to seek shelter. the area that includes weather for today, across missouri,
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arkansas, parts of kansas, okay o'clock and pourings of texas, as the system keeps pushing eastbound and we head into tomorrow, more severe weather will be possible from parts of ohio, into kentucky, tennessee. another widespread area that could be looking at the possibility of large hail, damaging wind gusts and even some tornadoes possible as that front keeps pushing eastward. should be reaching portions of the east coast by tuesday night. otherwise current temperatures, you can see ahead of that system, relatively warm. 80s in memphis. through portions of texas, behind it, much cooler. 53 now in denver. >> eric: people should heed the warnings. >> arthel: new fallout from the deadly attack in libya. former c.i.a. director, criticizing the obama administration as a senate committee is launching its investigation. >> eric: vice president biden, stealing the show as he faced off with congressman ryan. coming up, we'll have a fair and balanced look at the message he
6:16 pm
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you'll get time. >> i think people will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> don't take all the four minutes then. >> he gets 40, i get 15, he didn't get 40. >> eric: that was a look at more than 80 times joe biden jumped in and interrupted paul ryan during the debate. they squared off on everything from the economy to u.s. foreign policy. it's the vice president's behavior that's become the biggest thing people have been talking about this weekend. also fueling somewhat of a fundraising war from both sides. what will the debates impact see? jehmu green is a fox news contributor and former president of women's media center, cal thomas is a fox news contributor and syndicated columnist. jehmu and cal, welcome. cal, let me start with you. you know what they say, joe, that's joe. joe is just being joe. >> one of the first lessons my parents taught me growing up was not to interrupt when someone else is speaking. they seed it's rude and displays
6:21 pm
bad breeding. i thought the vice president was not only rude, but he exercised an old debating tactic that when you interrupt somebody, you're hoping you will throw them off message and the people who are listening in the audience won't get that message, won't pay attention. i thought it was condescending. he didn't have to do it. he could have made his points. he did have equal time, as martha raddatz pointed out. and as people who counted the minutes, it was almost equal, only about a minute difference between the two. i think he -- if he had behaved like this against sarah palin four years ago, he would have been seen as an -- reminded some women of an abusive husband. >> eric: jehmu, do you think he was acting like an abusive husband? >> i spent the day with my five-year-old nephew and he doesn't whine as much as republicans have been since this debate. it's like if you can't take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen. it was okay when governor romney interrupted the president of the united states, but it's not okay when paul ryan gets interrupted.
6:22 pm
come on. the reality is joe biden won this debate. it's very clear that he won it. but many conservatives can't own up to it and they want to talk about style versus the substance of -- sorry -- looking into the camera and talking to senior citizens. that was a powerful, powerful moment. >> eric: cal, talk about substance. >> let's talk about substance then. okay. let's talk about some of the errors that in fact the misstatements of fact that the vice president made. he said he didn't vote for the iraq war when he did. he said he didn't vote for part d of medicare or prescription drug benefits for seniors when he did. those were just factual errors. i think -- here is what we have. we have a generation gap here. the vice president will be 70 years old next month. he's part of a frank line roosevelt generation where the government will take care of you. paul ryan, who is 42, is part of a generation that's going to have to pay for all of this and what paul ryan is saying is we
6:23 pm
cannot afford this anymore. we can't afford to be in hock to china, which does not have our best interests at heart. and we have got to reform the system while caring for people who are seniors or will soon be. we've got to reform it for everybody else. almost everybody knows that and to continue the way we have is going to bankrupt us. >> eric: jehmu, is that view fair? >> with all due respect to cal, he's sounding a bit ages. i think clearly vice president biden has the advantage of experience and there were many times that congressman ryan looked like a deer caught in the head lights. i almost felt sorry for him because he was regurgitating the stale talking points we've heard on stump speeches and biden was having an authentic, honest, passionate conversation with the american people and that's why overwhelmingly all of the polls have shown that biden basically whipped his butt. >> eric: you know what the "wall
6:24 pm
street journal" is calling it, the bully versus the wonk. i don't know if that's complimentary on either side. >> the polls are showing something completely different. cbs, cnn, all the polls are showing that, in fact, they believe that ryan won. so i don't know where jehmu is getting her polls from. maybe from the democratic national committee. i want to show something that's on facebook. >> eric: this is becoming a fundraising tool for both sides. look at this. this is a take off on kanye west in 2009 when he interrupted taylor swift. this is from the national republican congressional committee. as you can see, it says, you know, let me interrupt you, let me finish. no, i'm not, so the republicans are using that to try to raise money against joe biden. but the democrats are supporting him. look at this. they're saying, way to go, joe. and they're now -- that's a bunch of malarky. jehmu, which side will win? >> i think vice president biden did what he needed to. there is no question and democrats haven't sat back and
6:25 pm
whined the way that republicans have. we were clear in saying look, president obama was not up to his best game in that first debate. but vice president biden absolutely has basically surged back the base of the party and provided that inspiration, that momentum that the base needed. that was the job he needed to do. i think what we're going to see in the town hall debate format is president obama probably somewhere in between his first performance and biden's performance, finding the middle ground and we won't see the kind of ritalin-like passion that we saw from vice president biden, but we'll see a much more passionate president and what really matters, though, is details and facts and when you look at both of these debates, the first debate with the president, he talked for 37 minutes, governor romney and told 28 myths. >> eric: running out of time. last word, cal.
6:26 pm
>> well, if you're look for honesty in politics, it's like looking for a virgin at a house of ill repute. you got plenty of lies on both sides. you got fundraising all over the place. i like to say i'm from washington, d.c. originally where the only politicians with convictions are in prison. >> that's one thing we have in common. i'm from dc, too. >> eric: we'll wait for tuesday night. thank you both. arthel? >> arthel: that was very entertaining. okay. american made -- very good, too. cal had good lines there. american made products, american made products regaining footing overseas. but after suffering the greatest recession since world war two, is the world ready to let down its guard?
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he he
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>> eric: they fought for freedom overseas. now they have a new mission here at home. nearly every member of newark,
6:31 pm
new jersey's latest class of firefighters is a military vet. that's a first there. since world war ii. anna kooiman is live with this inspiring story. hi. >> hey there. the city of newark, new jersey has a new class of firefighters who were heros before they put on their uniforms for the first time since world war two, nearly all of the recruits are veterans. 28 out of 31 and it's no coincidence. there is a new push across the country to hire veterans when they return home. job searching is one of the many struggles they experience while putting their lives back together. last month the unemployment rate was 9.7% for veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. compared to the national average of 7.8%. >> at one point of my career when i got home, it was very hard to find work and i did turn to the g.i. fund and they help you to find employment and advised me. >> singing our national anthem, home of the brave, we've got to
6:32 pm
create a home for our brave. that means jobs and housing and an opportunity to show the heroism overseas, but come back and serve with the same courage and same valor. this is tremendous. >> the g.i. go fund, nonprofit organization that helps veterans make the transition back to civilian life, helps with recruitment. they make phone calls and e-mails and held career fairs. the military experience, most of the recruits had, made their 12-week training period extra competitive. >> the exact same personality that will see a building on fire and say, i'll go in. give me the hose and the ladder. i'll do it. it's something that god put in them that makes them say, you know what? i'll go out there. i'm gog defend my neighbors. i'm going to take care of people that are my friends and family and people i care about. that's what makes them special. >> along with new jersey, new york, washington state, and massachusetts give veterans preference in their civil service exams. the boston fire department recruited 49 military veterans this year. a bill that would establish a $1 billion jobs program, eric, for a veteran is currently
6:33 pm
stalled in congress. back to you. >> eric: that is an amazing story. our hats off and respect and admiration for the new classes. fantastic. thanks. 250 years ago today, congress cleared the way fort construction of america's first warships and that created the u.s. navy. the third branch of the u.s. military has changed a lot since 1775. its principles and the courage of those who serve remain the same. today 46,000 sailors and more than 200 ships are deployed all over the globe. fox news would like to thank all of america's sailors and their families and wish them all a 247th birthday. u.s. exports making something of a comeback. seeing some of their strongest gains in many months. some hailing this adds a sign did -- as sign the u.s. economy
6:34 pm
may be on the mend. is it too early to celebrate? elle is here. we'll talk about what's behind this turn around. is it perhaps the progressive and aggressive action on the part of the u.s. trade department? is it that america is reving up on what the world wants to buy or is it a matter of we were bound to get there? >> it's number of things. we definitely make the products that are used all over the world. so our exports have been doing beautifully all year. i'd say that they were really doing extremely well the first eight months of the year. and more recent months, we've seen a slow down in that. we still have very, very healthy export growth predicted. >> arthel: this is good news. then the other part of the news is that the u.s. economy is just about to bottom out. so if this is the case, as the economists are predicting what, does this mean in terms of jobs
6:35 pm
that will be coming back on-line? >> so it's very good news on that front because it's predicted, due to our growth in export, we'll create between 2 1/2 to 5 million more jobs by the end of the decade. >> arthel: how many? >> 2 1/2 to 5 million more jobs. by the end of the decade. and we're seeing foreign conglomerates build factories all overt u.s. so we're seeing factories being built in places like where i'm from, the midwest, in indiana and kentucky, also in places like north carolina and virginia. those are all very positive signs. >> arthel: that's positive signs. what's bringing those manufacturing jobs and those plants, if you will, back here to the u.s.? >> couple things. one, we have a very large supply of natural gas. so natural gas costs here in the u.s., they're about 50 to 70% less expensive than in europe.
6:36 pm
and so those -- that inexpensive energy can fuel our companies and our factories very inexpensively. so that's one. but also the american worker is incredibly productive. our worker gets more done efficiently and effectively in an hour than anywhere else in the globe. so i think both those factors make a very compelling case for what's being called onshoring or what i like to call made in america once again. >> arthel: i think made in america is very powerful. i recall interviewing ron kirk, he's the u.s. trade ambassador and he said that, in fact, made in america still carries a lot of weight around the world. before i let you go, how does the european economy play into this? is that cause for concern? >> it is. so that's part of the reason that i would say in terms of our economy driving along, we were very much on a green light through august and now we're at a yellow light. we're seeing a slow down.
6:37 pm
and that's because what's happened in europe has indeed caused a slow down in export growth here in recent months. so that is something to take a look at and some cause for concern. >> arthel: appreciate the good news you were bearing here today. thank you very much. >> eric: the sparks were flying, we all saw it, during the debate between vice president biden and congressman ryan. what impact does that debate and the others really have? we'll take a look at that and tuesday there is the second one everyone will be waiting to see what the impact that could be in november. gecko (clearing throat)
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>> eric: homeland security committee announcing new plans to investigate the attack in libya. the white house initially suggested it was the result of a spontaneous protest that got out
6:42 pm
of control. new evidence shows this was a planned terrorist attack. >> arthel: while washington gets to the bottom of who knew what and when, four family members or families are mourning the loss of their brother, husbands andsons. judge jeanine row -- pirro sitting down with the mother of sean smith. joining us is judge jeanine, the host of "justice" with judge jeanine. this is a very critical interview that you're going to be doing tonight. we understand that mrs. smith a term mother. how likely is it that she's going to get answers? >> i have to tell you, she is a lovely woman. i spoke with her on the phone. she was a single mother raising her only son. the loss is indescribable. and what she wants to know, simply what happened to my son, sean smith, who worked for the
6:43 pm
department of state for ten years? she cannot get answers from the white house. and when she went to dover, when the bodies were brought in, she spoke to the president. she spoke to the secretary of state. she spoke to ambassador rice. she all said they would get back to her. leon panetta actually held her face in his hands and said, we'll get back to you with what happened. she had yet to hear from the white house until this week and still hasn't gotten answers. and so you've got a woman in mourning, a mother, who now is saying, they won't tell me how my son died, but they're telling me it's about a video. you have to turn in tonight. she's one determined woman and she's entitled to answers and she's not getting them. >> eric: it's almost amazing she doesn't have any of these details and she said she cried on president obama's shoulder? >> you're right. she said that she cried on his shoulder and she said to him, whisper in my ear if you can't tell me publicly, tell me what happened to my only son.
6:44 pm
and the president spoke to her and said they'd get back to her. he would get back to her and, of course, no one has. >> brian: judge, we will be looking forward to that interview and to find out exactly what miss smith is saying to you because i can't imagine how she's feeling at this moment. >> we look forward to it as well. >> eric: that's tonight. you can catch the interview where w mrs. smith tonight 9:00 p.m., right here on the fox news channel. >> arthel: well, getting back to politics, we are now halfway through the debate season. two down, two to go. we've seen a variety of different strategies from the four contenders so far. conventional wisdom says the debates don't equal a huge surge in votes. but with so much attention being paid to the campaigns this season, does conventional wisdom even apply this time around? susan estridge is a fox news contributor. good to see you, susan.
6:45 pm
let's start with this: apparently a lot of people are watching these debates. so these presidential debates do matter. the president said i was too polite the first debate that i had. vice president biden brought his attack dog style to the vp debate. so can we expect president obama's style to perhaps be someplace in the middle come tuesday night? >> at the very least, art. i think you saw a president who had this strategy of i'll remain above it all. i'm the incumbent. i'm a little bit ahead in the polls. romney is not that great a debater. he's going to get a bump being on the same stage as me. so it was a strategy that maybe if you were sitting in a hotel room might have made sense. but it was pretty clear, i think, art, don't you, that five or ten minutes into the debate, you were seeing an assertive, confident romney and the president just didn't read it.
6:46 pm
he had to change his style. he didn't. and too polite is perhaps a polite way of putting it. he was disengaged. he lacked passion. he didn't seem engaged with the issues. so he's going to be very different. >> arthel: then you bring in the factor that at the next debate tuesday will be in a town hall meeting. i wonder how you think this will affect the tone since we're talking about the questions coming from people, from actual citizens, voters. >> i love town hall debates because people tend to ask different questions than reporters. we can almost guess the reporter's questions. but when you have people asking them, they tend to go much more to looking for character, looking for values, trying to figure out does this guy understand my life? i'll never forget that question, i'm sure you remember -- where someone stood up and said to vice president -- president bush, you know, how is the
6:47 pm
recession affected you and your family? and president bush was almost aloft. i think that hurt him than any question about taxes or troop movements or the like. >> arthel: give me 30 seconds on this final question, if you could, how much of some of these statements made in these debates is tough talk or political posturing, if you will, and what percentage of the take away from these debates would be real political policy? >> well, you don't hear too much specifics. i think we've been through enough to know that you don't come away saying, well, i really understand that medicare plan. but i think what people are looking for in debates, and i've been through some good ones and some very bad ones -- i think what they're looking for is is this guy up for the job in the case of romney or how does obama view his last four years and does he understand that people are disappointed?
6:48 pm
so it's as much about character and values and understanding people like me as it is about the questions that we'll face, the unknown questions that may face the next president of the united states. >> arthel: you have the experience for sure and i know you'll be watching. we'll talk to you next weekend to get your analysis on that. susan, i want to remind everybody that they can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. thanks. >> thank you. >> eric: arthel, it's the middle of october. guess what's coming? holiday season. >> arthel: of course. >> eric: that means it's time to step up your wine i.q. how do you know what to drink and which one is good and how much do you spend on something that's good that you won't spit out? we'll have the answers coming up i got your campbell's chunky soup. mom? who's mom? i'm the giants mascot. the giants don't have a mascot! ohhh! eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup has tasty pieces of chicken
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>> eric: never too early to start thinking about the holiday season. many people like to celebrate with a great bottle of wine. >> arthel: what if you're not exactly an expert on the grape? this week's "consumer reports" has you covered with the best wines for your buck. joining us now, associate editor of "consumer reports," any kohl. how are you doing? >> thanks for having us. >> arthel: you brought three wines. jewish going to tell us -- you're going to tell us why this
6:53 pm
is good, what is goes with and how much it costs. >> yes. we found 61 wines that you get some good deals for $15 and issue. this is our top rated one. 2010 from argentina. it has complex, rich flavors, has a nice supporting structure. which means it feels good in your mouth and this goes great this rich savory meats, steaks. if you have a lighter, fruitier one, you'll want to go with burgers or something casual like pizza. >> arthel: which is perfect. this a twist top? >> yes. this is one of the twist tops. >> arthel: now you brought one of my favorites of i lived in california, it was two buck. are you kidding me? trader joe's. this is a merlot? >> yes. from trade joe's. three dollars. from california. it's a simple straightforward crowd pleaser. it goes with like a chef salad with a rich, hearty dressing and believe it or not, this
6:54 pm
$3 merlot beat out a $47 bottle. >> eric: how could they do it for three bucks? >> i don't know, but they do it right because it's great. >> eric: wow. >> arthel: they haven't gone to a twist top. >> eric: this is wild horse. pinot noir. >> it's lighter than the others. i really like this one. the flavors are more subtle. so if you don't love red wine, this is a great way to go. this one in particular, it has some complex, rich red fruit flavors that are complimented with some spice and even have va wafe, and wood. this goes nicely, if you have like a steak or something along those lines. this one is great with thanksgiving dinner. >> arthel: really? >> bring this, great with turkey. >> arthel: how much is this?
6:55 pm
>> nineteen dollars. >> eric: what i like about pinotnoirs, is that they're america. oregon, washington state, the american ones, like california chardonnays are good wines. is that the case? >> some were from argentina, some were from the u.s. but they were great. one of the things i would like to point out with this is it's a 2008 vintage. we test add 2010 vintage. we found if you can't find the vintage we tested, go with a close year and wine producers are pretty consistent from year to year. >> arthel: how soon, if you were going to have someone over for dinner, how soon before they arrive should you open the bottle? >> surprisingly, a lot of people think it should be very warm. we found that mid 60s. a little cooler than room temperature. i asked our wine experts. they said stick them in the fridge for a few minutes if you want to really get the full aroma and the taste that you should really get. one of the other things about storing the wines with the cork, lay them on the side.
6:56 pm
>> arthel: how often or how soon before the guests show up should i open the wine? >> 30 minutes before. if you want to pour a glass to let it breathe, that's fine. pouring it from here isn't as good. >> arthel: this is great stuff. perfect timing. nicole, thank you very much. >> eric: let your wine breathe. 3 bucks is fine. drink in moderation. >> yes, cheers. >> arthel: cheers. >> eric: that does it for us on this saturday night. i'm eric shaun. >> arthel: stick around, fox report is up with harris faulkner. happy birthday. >> eric: oh, it is. >> arthel: yes, it is. ...seems like you guys got a little gassed out there.
6:57 pm
enough already. c'mon guys. next question. hello! what's your favorite color? what's my favorite color? yes. purple. what's your favorite animal? sea turtle. what's your bedtime? do you believe in space aliens? ...i love puppies. hash browns or home fries? home fries.
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